Commercial Research

Gaining access to the key information required to compete successfully in the market.

Market Research

Find out about market trends, niche markets and business opportunities through our market research.

Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Find out first hand about the level of your customers' satisfaction with the quality and price of your product, your company’s image, your customer service and treatment …

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Mystery Shopper

The customer’s experience at the point of sale determines sales, the image generated by your company, customer satisfaction and loyalty. What are you waiting for? Measure the quality of your company’s interactions with your customers.

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Consumer Analysis

Personalised service and perfect matching of your products to your customers’ needs can only be achieved if you know what concerns and motivates them.

Product and Brand Positioning Research

Have you ever asked yourself what image your product or your brand communicates in the market? Don’t overlook this; the market is, and will always be the place where a battle of perceptions is fought.

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Concept Testing

We provide the most effective way of finding out which ideas are most likely to be successful in the market.

Product Testing

Before launching a new product, find out what your potential customers think of the product you have developed.

Packaging Testing

Never before has packaging had such a significant influence in the purchasing decision. Evaluate the suitability of the packaging you have chosen for your product.

Brand Testing

Eliminate uncertainty. Discover consumers’ reactions to your brand before you launch it on the market.

Advertising Effectiveness. Advertising Pre-testing and Post-testing

Do you invest in advertising without knowing how effective it is? Evaluate your advertising plans before and after the advertising campaign and evaluate its results.

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